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Need To Find a Scribe?

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Spend more time working with your patients, and less time with your inbox and electronic health records.

The Premier package will provide you with access to trained scribes for 3 months on the Scribe Job Board. You can find, interview, and hire directly from

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Scribes4hire does the hard work for the medical professionals, screening, testing and training the scribes, while we help the scribes by training, certifying and placing them.

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Take our full medical scribe training course and become certified to scribe.

The Medical Scribe Professional Course is structured into 25 modules and 2 final exams. This program is a comprehensive online training course that is designed to train the individual in the field of medical scribing. This course is developed by a team of experts that will cover multiple aspects of medical scribing that the student will master.

Scribes4Hire is a great way to advance your career
or to maximize your time at work and with your patients.

Scribes work Directly for the Physician
not a national scribe company.

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I have found the scribes to be extremely well trained and a pleasure to have in my practice. Their thorough and accurate documentation of my charts saves me time and has increased my job satisfaction.

Emily S. Perry M.D.

My scribe’s grasp of medical terminology, the components of a physician note, and our EMR was well beyond my expectations. She was able to mimic my style and create a physician note that sounded just like me. I highly recommend this service and will use it again.

Lois M. Gibson M.D.

Scribes have taken me away from data entry and back to my patients.

Tamara S Daniels MD

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Get started as a Scribe today. Complete our interactive online course and learn to document medical information at a professional level.