Training future Physicians since 2014


-William R. Francis

Who We Are

Our company began with a small group of premedical students scribing for physicians in a high-volume emergency department in Neenah, Wisconsin, under the supervision of Tamara S Daniels, MD and Robert H Daniels. Dr. Tamara S Daniels and Robert H Daniels both attended medical school and have specialized knowledge of the needs in medicine. Dr. Tamara S Daniels, MD earned her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in Madison. She completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Michigan State University-Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies. She is professionally licensed by the State of Wisconsin and is board-certified in Emergency Medicine. Mr. Robert H Daniels is a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses with two of his companies serving the medical scribe industry. Mr. Robert H Daniels has an interest in financial analysis and is the executive director of Scribes4Hire, a company that trains medical scribes nationally online and provides a platform to assist medical scribes in being placed directly with a physician. He is also the owner of Fox Valley Scribes, a company that places medical scribes with physicians across multiple specialties throughout Wisconsin.

When the medical scribe company originated, the students were primarily trained on-site, which often led to frustration and inefficiency due to the vast amount of information necessary to scribe at a professional level. To remedy this, we studied how the medical scribes best mastered and developed a strong medical foundation and completely revamped the way that we train new scribes. We created an online training course to be completed prior to on-site training and found that this significantly helped new scribes learn the relevant medical terminology, pathophysiology, and medical note structure necessary to write thorough and accurate medical notes even before their first training shift. Our online training course has been refined several times by our scribes to perfect its accuracy, relevance, and efficiency. This was done under the guidance of board-certified physicians that not only worked with the scribes in a clinical setting but also guided the medical scribes’ education. Practicing medical scribes in our company has an active role in continuing to adjust the curriculum as we discover better ways to teach the material. Most of the scribes that are involved with the creative process spend 1-2 years improving the course before gaining acceptance to medical/professional school. Each year, a new group of the highest achieving scribes become involved and improve the course. This course will continue to evolve over the years as new, exciting ideas are introduced for better ways to teach, learn, and master the material that will produce the next generation of scribes.

In our experience in managing a medical scribe company, we have found that small physician groups or isolated physicians have a difficult time hiring scribes because of the cost limitations with medical scribe companies. In addition, most physicians do not have the expertise to train a scribe that they hire directly. There are also difficulties with recruiting and credentialing medical scribes when the clinic or hospital management is not familiar with this provider support role. We wanted to be able to extend this process to any pre-professional student or career medical scribe interested in working as a medical scribe, as well as any physician who would like to implement a scribe in his/her practice. Ultimately, we hope to facilitate successful matches between highly trained medical scribes and physicians in an efficient and thorough way.