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At Scribes4Hire, it is our mission to provide a complete and comprehensive set of solutions to serve as an integral part of the growth in our client’s medical practices. We actively work to exceed the expectations of our clients and also offer best-in-class customer service and support to both the doctors we serve and the scribes we train. By staying up to date with current practices, working towards the future as the industry changes, and continuing to grow and train our pool of talent, strives to remain an important partner to the medical community. offers a range of services to fit your needs, from a three-month program with access to our trained medical scribes up to a premium package that allows the benefits of a full-service package similar to that of a scribe staffing agency.

Membership includes access to profiles and contact information. All of our scribes have passed our rigorous training course and actively seeking employment.

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collinsantos Medical Scribe

Ian Medical Scribe

State: WI Rating 5 Stars

mollyharris29 Medical Scribe

MorganSchoch Medical Scribe

Scribe Medical Scribe

Tamara Medical Scribe

State: WI Rating 4 Stars