For Hospitals, Medical Clinics, and Physician Groups can help you with all your medical scribe needs whether you have one scribe or an entire clinic of scribes. We offer customizable programs to get your clinical documentation to exceed your expectations. We offer services in hiring, training, clinical placement, HR compliance, and specialty consultations. We have all the tools at your disposal to provide you with reliable medical scribes. has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to bring excellent scribes to your medical practice. is your destination for anything involving medical scribes. Scribes4Hire can train your scribes using its highly rated online medical scribe training course. Scribes4Hire Job Board allows physicians access to trained scribes looking for a position in their zip code. Our scribe training and clinic management offer trained human resource compliant scribes for the busy hospital, clinic, or clinician who wants more of a hands-off managed scribe experience.

For Hospitals

Scribes4Hire can assist hospital groups with their scribing needs no matter how large or small. One challenge unique to staffing an entire hospital is the need for a large number of trained medical scribes. has this covered. Take a look at the inventory of scribes in our Scribes4hire Job Board. We can draw from these candidates to fill all your positions. Also, since applicants have passed the Scribe4Hire medical scribe training course there is a consistency of training with all your scribes in understanding and mastering the core curriculum building a strong foundation of medical knowledge.

Another problem unique to a hospital-based program is the need for management of medical scribe groups. Since scribes may be in different departments or sections of the hospital a streamline efficient management model must be in place to administer and oversee the medical scribe staff. Scribes4Hire has a proven management model we will implement and maintain to keep medical documentation running smoothly. In addition to management, staffing, and training your medical scribes, has all the HR forms and documentation tools to keep your scribes credentialed and human resource compliant to work in your medical practice in a support position. For pricing and additional questions contact our support team at

For Medical Clinics

Scribes4Hire has experience in staffing and managing scribes in medical clinics. From one scribe to a team of scribes, we can offer your scribes training, management, and ongoing maintenance in your medical clinic. One challenge busy medical clinics may encounter is the need for consistent quality of physician notes. Scribes4Hire’s training course uses the H&P style note in training to provide medical scribes with a thorough, detailed understanding of medical documentation. No matter what EMR or note style your group employs we can bring highly qualified trained medical scribes to your group. Whether you use H&P, SOAP, or modified SOAP notes in your clinic, we can customize our training course to fit not only your clinic but your physician’s note style. For pricing and additional questions contact our support team at support at

For Physician Groups

Scribes4Hire specializes in individual scribe placement trained in your medical specialty. Unique to Scribes4Hire is our medical specialty training courses. We offer medical specialty courses in addition to the general Scribes4Hire medical scribe training course. For example, if your practice specializes in Urology, we offer a specialty scribe training course specific to Urology. The specialty courses cover a medical specialty in greater detail with an emphasis on the common chief complaints, procedures, and pharmacology unique to that specialty. Regardless of your physician group specialty, we offer a scribe medical specialty course. Physicians find the specialty courses are especially useful when there is a transition to a new scribe in their practice. For pricing and additional questions contact our support team at