This course was created for scribes, by scribes, under the guidance of a board certificated Emergency Medicine physician. Most of the scribes that were involved with the creative process have spent 1-2 years improving the course before gaining acceptance to medical/professional school. Each year, a new group of the highest achieving scribes become involved and improve the course. This course will continue to evolve over the years as new, exciting ideas are introduced for better ways to teach, learn, and master the material that will produce the next generation of scribes.

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What is a medical scribe?

A medical scribe is an individual highly trained in medical documentation who assists a healthcare provider throughout a patient encounter. Medical providers have traditionally submitted written documentation or verbally dictated a patient’s chart. However, with the advent of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), providers are now required to perform the clerical aspect of patient charts, leaving a limited amount of time for physician-patient interaction.

A medical scribe acts as a personal assistant to the provider when it comes to recording medical information. This is done by supporting the documentation and clerical needs of the physician. A scribe’s main responsibility is to document findings in a patient’s chart by observing the patient encounter. Because of the EMR, there is an overwhelming amount of data that a physician must record. The burden of clerical responsibilities has made patient-physician interaction brief and impersonal, leading to low patient satisfaction.

Our scribe service provides physicians with the advantages of increased time with patients, decreased charting burden, and improved physician efficiency, subsequently improving patient care and satisfaction. The medical industry is rapidly shifting to the use of medical scribes in an effort to enhance the quality of patient care while simultaneously increasing physician productivity and efficiency.

Who should take this course?

The medical scribe course was originally set up for medical students that wanted an advantage before beginning their medical education. PAs, NPs, and nurses also quickly realized that scribing took them to the top of their classes in professional school. The new group of people that we are seeing interested in scribing are people that choose this for a career. The advantage of a career scribe is that the physician does not have constant turnover. The disadvantage is that a medical scribe that plans to work for a physician for 10+ years is limited by the pay that they can receive if they work for a scribe company.

At this time, the only way for a trained scribe to find a physician and for a physician to find a trained scribe is through a medical scribe company. These companies typically charge the provider $23/hr and then pay scribes minimum wage. When Fox Valley Scribes originated, we thought this discrepancy was ridiculous. There are many fees that go into developing a trained scribe including recruiting, training, insurance costs, taxes, accountants, and paying people to manage the firm. However, as a business, we have managed to limit them. We do not charge the physicians as much as we could, and we attempt to compensate the scribes fairly. We have come to realize that the only way the scribe can truly get paid what they deserve is by working for the provider directly, which is why we developed Scribes4Hire. You will apply directly to the service of the physician, PA, or NP. In essence, the provider pays less and the scribes can be compensated more, removing the “middle man.”

Over time, I have found many people inquiring about being a scribe. I explain to them that if they can pass the course that gives them the core base of medicine, they will usually succeed. There is a need for scribes and a limited number of pre-medical students. The medical scribe profession will have to adjust to the non-traditional pathway of hiring career employees for scribing needs. This course offers anyone and everyone a chance to make a career as a medical scribe.

How is this course structured?

This course is structured into two basic components.

The first part of the course teaches you how to complete a medical note, using a stepwise approach. After you are taught the elements of a medical note, you will perfect your documentation by completing notes on more than 40 mock patient scenarios. You will be able to view the clock, the patient scenario, and the chart template at the same time. With each section, you will be given less time to complete the medical note. Your ultimate goal is to document a complete, error-free note within 10 minutes. Typically, physicians will see 2-8 patients in an hour, so speed with accuracy is a necessary requirement to work with a provider.

The second part of the course presents and teaches core medical terminology and medical concepts. This material must be mastered before you can document a medical note since they are documented using medical terminology. When you pass the multiple-choice final, you will have demonstrated a strong base of medical terminology knowledge that will be needed to work as a scribe.

You will also be introduced to “dot phrases” and templates that can speed up your documentation when you are working. Scribes that set up and use dot phrases and templates can typically complete most of the medical notes during the initial encounter. This should be your overall goal while completing this course.

If you have any questions while you take the medical scribe training course, please feel free to contact an instructor for support.

Upon completion of the course will I earn a certificate?

Upon successful completion of your training program, you will receive a certificate of completion from Scribes4Hire. Formal certification is voluntary for the medical scribe profession. However, certification illustrates your commitment to succeed. Regardless of education level and job experience, certification indicates a standardized level of knowledge and documentation skills.

The importance of the certification course is to guarantee to employers that an individual has met minimum standards of performance. Many providers do not have the time or resources to train a medical scribe and are looking for trained scribes, ready to work in an already established medical practice.

You will have a competitive edge in the marketplace if you hold a certification. This gives you the opportunity to earn more money and have more career flexibility. There are several online certification exams that are available for medical scribes who have experience working in a clinical setting. You may want to consider adding these to your resume, in addition to your Scribes4Hire certification.

How can I access the course?

This course is entirely online and can be accessed on any computer.

How long do I have to complete the scribe training course?

You will receive three months to complete the program. The course close date will be determined at the time of registration. Once the course closes, the student will no longer have access. If the course is not completed when it closes, you may repurchase the course. The will be no course extensions granted, so plan accordingly. You are only eligible for one scholarship. If time lapsed for completion, you will have to repurchase the course.

How long does it take to complete the course?”

The time it takes to complete the course will depend on how well you can comprehend the material and the time you are able to dedicate to the course. For many students, the most time is spent learning medical terminology and understanding how to complete an HPI. We have provided several learning tools to achieve this goal, including flashcards, matching exercises, and explanations of why notes are phrased a certain way. Many of the students report finishing the course in 15 days or less.

Are they any prerequisites that the the student must meet before registering for the course?

Most hospitals and clinics will only hire an applicant who possesses a high school diploma or equivalent. Many national certification exams require a high school diploma or equivalent to sit for a certification exam. Scribes4Hire recommends that you have a high school diploma or equivalent before enrolling in our program.

What is the grading policy?

You will be required to earn at least 80% to pass all the module quizzes and the multiple-choice final. Your grade will be based on the quality of the written final. The goal of the written final is to complete an error-free medical note under 10 minutes. If your score is borderline between two grades, the score on the multiple-choice final will be taken into consideration to determine the final grade of the class. There will be no retakes on the final written exam.

Will I earn a grade when I complete this course?

Your grade for the completed course will be based on one final written medical note. The student will earn 1 to 5 stars based on the final. The highest grade possible is 5 stars with the lowest possibility being 1 star. You will not be able to retake the written final. All grades are final once they are submitted.

How does the Scribe Connection Job Posting Board make this course unique?

When you have completed the medical scribe course, you will be allowed to post your résumé on the Scribe Connection Job Posting Board. At that point, you will be able to view and contact all providers that are looking for a scribe through the Scribes4Hire website. The providers and scribes on the Job Posting Board are located throughout the entire United States. You can apply directly to the location site of your choice. The provider will, also, be able to view all scribes on the job board and contact them directly. The difficult part is not learning the course material or passing the quizzes and final examinations, but finding a medical scribe position that fits your career goals and busy schedule. The advantage of using the Scribes4Hire job board is that you will be able to pick a scribe specialty that interests you and earn a much higher hourly wage. Typically, a medical scribe staffing company will assign you to a clinic where they have a need, and the location and specialty are not taken into consideration. Also, as a direct-hire scribe, you will negotiate a fair and equitable hourly wage that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Why is this course focused on an H&P style note?

One of the most difficult notes for my scribes to learn is the H&P. Even if you work at a clinic where SOAP notes are used, you should understand the concept behind the H&P note. The SOAP note is an abbreviated H&P. If you enter the medical scribe profession with your goal of continuing onto medical, PA, or NP school, these notes will be used commonly and should be understood thoroughly for your education.

If I am getting a job scribing at a specialty office or clinic will the notes be different?

Yes, the notes will be different but are typically much easier than what is covered in this course. Many subspecialty providers will use SOAP notes or clinic notes.

Scribes4Hire offers subspecialty courses that focus on a specific medical specialty. For example, if you have an interest in scribing for a Urologist, we offer a certificate for urology medical scribing. This subspecialty course is separate from the core Scribes4Hire course. You are required to take the general medical course before you can take a subspecialty course as the general course covers all the medical basics. Before someone can learn and understand a specific body system and treatment, he or she must have an idea of how the body systems are related. There will be additional coursework and tuition to earn the subspecialty certification.